Where Should You Put Your Wine Cooler And What Are The Mistakes To Avoid

Where Should You Put Your Wine Cooler And What Are The Mistakes To Avoid

You've finally decided to buy or add another wine cooler, and maybe you're wondering just where to put it. Deciding where to put your wine fridge seems like a daunting task at first, mainly because it's a decision you must make before buying the refrigerator. 

But with the right information, you will get started pretty easily. Studying your space is a crucial step that should always come before making any purchase. 

Experts advise that you should always leave a few inches of space between your unit and the wall. Ensure at least 2 inches of space in the back, 4 inches on the top and approximately one inch on the sides.  This allows proper clearance for airflow and prevents overheating. 

Some built-in wine coolers are designed with a front venting and require minimal to no space for clearance. You also want to ensure enough room for easy access and to open the fridge conveniently. 

Often, installing wine coolers in the kitchen sounds like the best or perhaps only choice for most people. But you will be surprised to learn just how much plenty of space there is to put your wine cooler at home. 

The ideal place to put your wine cooler boils down to personal preference, and your type of unit, as some may need serious protection from light exposure.

Consider the following ideal places to install your wine fridge at home:


Living Room

Perhaps you love to take your wine while getting entertained in the living room? In that case, that's the most convenient and accessible place to put your aesthetically pleasing wine cooler. The living room is a perfect location for the climate-controlled, wooden/glass wine fridges. 

Just like your ordinary fridge, wine coolers also produce low noises occasionally. Therefore, you want to ensure that you're putting it in a place that does not need to be silent. 

Depending on the design and style of your fridge, it can also serve as a perfect addition to your living room decor. 



Most people are fond of putting their wine fridge in the kitchen for understandable reasons. The kitchen is especially ideal because you can easily access the wine when serving your guests, when pairing, or even if you need a little pick me up when cooking! 

Thankfully, wine coolers come in all sizes and styles, and you can comfortably mount one on your countertop. The aesthetic beauty of a nicely lit and perfectly packed wine fridge is in itself appealing. 

Finding an appropriate place to put your fridge in the kitchen is as easy as you might have imagined. However, you must consider the features that come with your unit. 

Perhaps you have loads of wine and want to buy a taller wine cooler? You'll need enough space for it while leaving some room for clearance. 

Or maybe you have a kitchen island or are considering including one? A wine cooler(S) is a perfect chance to create your ideal impression. Today's wine coolers come in timeless designs and beautiful styles. Top that with your robust wine collection neatly stocked in the well-lit fridge to make an unparalleled showpiece. 

You're ever spoilt for choice when it comes to putting your wine fridge in the kitchen. Modern wine fridges are great for under-counter and make a perfect addition to your stylish kitchen.  

Suppose a built-in wine cooler is not an option for you? In that case you can go for a freestanding unit. 

While integrated wine coolers are perfect for kitchen cabinets, it's also a great idea to put your freestanding cooler between the cabinets, 

If there's not enough space, you may have to eliminate one or two of the cabinets to create enough room for the cooler while leaving some room for adequate ventilation. You can get a similar door to your cabinets to cover the cooler and make it even more appealing. 

Finally, it's best if you put your wine cooler a decent distance from other heat-generating units like ovens. 


Utility Room

Your wine cooler will perfectly fit together with the other appliances like refrigerators and washing machines in the utility room. The most important thing is to ensure it is placed at a reasonable distance from these appliances. You don't want to expose your wine cooler to any heat!

The utility room is an excellent option for those looking to spare some space in the kitchen, or maybe you just don't want the cooler in the kitchen. 

If you're often having guests at home, putting the wine cooler in the utility room eliminates any chances of traffic jams in your kitchen. 


Home Bar

Home bars are a natural place to put your wine fridge. Putting a small wine unit near or in the home bar is a perfect and convenient choice if you're often hosting parties, dinners, or any events. 

It keeps your wine properly chilled and ready to serve anytime you and your guests are ready. 

If you like to impress with your stylish wine fridge, the home bar offers you the perfect chance. All you have to do is pack your wine in the cooler proudly and leave it lit; it'll do all the entertainment. 

Get an ageless wine cooler with a sleek design and a perfect touch of style. This ensures it doesn't look out of place in your modern bar. You also want to consider where the cocktails are mixed and poured so that you put the fridge in the best position. 


The Garage

Maybe you don't have extra space in the kitchen or utility room to put a wine fridge. That shouldn't stop you from purchasing one, as the garage provides an excellent place for it. However, you'll need to plan carefully when placing your precious wine fridge here. 

Generally, the garage is built for some machines, but it's a perfect place for your unit if it is joined to the house. It's even more suitable for wines as little to no sunlight reaches the place. 

Sometimes, the garage may offer more space than any other room in your house, making it perfect for freestanding, bigger wine fridges. So if you have plenty of wine to store or have many wine coolers- the garage is the way to go.

You can conveniently bring your freestanding undercounter wine fridge to your garage if you have some worktops in there. Or, you can also fix an integrated wine cooler in the available cabinet. 

It's crucial to keep in mind that garages don't always have the freshest of smells. And they may be susceptible to temperature changes. For these reasons, you might want to get a cooler that's more suited for use outdoors. 


The Biggest Mistakes To Avoid When Putting Your Wine Cooler

When putting your wine cooler at home, there are some factors that you should consider for the smooth functionality and safety of both your wine and the cooler. 

  • Do not expose your wine cooler to too much natural light. Sunlight will damage your fine wine.  Hence, you want to put the unit at a location with minimal to no sunlight exposure.
  • Perhaps this has never crossed your mind, but fluctuating temperatures are the fastest way to deteriorate your wine cooler. Protect your fridge by putting it in a place with somewhat constant temperatures. Enclosed places like your garage may have severe cases of temperature fluctuation.
  • Lack of proper ventilation can potentially damage your wine cooler by exposing it to too much heat. Unlike built-in wine coolers that come with front ventilation, you want to ensure you leave a few inches at the back, side, and top of your freestanding wine fridges. 

The list of places where you can place your wine coolers at home is endless! While each place may sound better than the other, the best thing is to ensure that you overcome the mistakes discussed above.