What Size Of Wine Bottle Can Fit In My Wine Cooler

What Size Of Wine Bottle Can Fit In My Wine Cooler

WIne coolers make it easy to store your favourite bottles of wine at the ideal serving temperatures. However, not all wine coolers are made in the same way. Manufacturers set up their wine coolers in different styles and sizes. 

A general rule of thumb for most/all wine coolers is that they are made to fit the ordinary Bordeaux bottles. The setting of the cooler allows you to store a numbered capacity of bottles. The number of bottles stored depends on the size of your wine fridge. 

For instance, extra small coolers allow you to store anywhere between 6-50 Bordeaux bottles, while small coolers come with an increased capacity ranging between 51-100 bottles. Last but not least, large coolers, specially made for wine lovers willing to devote some of their space to their wine needs, come with an approximate capacity of 300 bottles. 

However, there are some manufacturers who focus on availing wine coolers ideal for various types of bottles. Depending on the zones in the cooler, the manufacturer may create racks suitable for everything from Claret, Renana, Burgundy, Albeisa, and Hock style bottles. 


Thinking About The Size And Capacity Of Your Wine Coolers

Whether you choose a small, large, or extra-large wine cooler will depend on your needs and budget. As noted above, the standard design of most coolers is suited to Bordeaux bottles. 

Therefore, if you stock up larger bottles like Imperial or Methuselah, they'll take up more space, and the overall capacity of your cooler will decrease. So when you'd usually store up to 50 small bottles, the capacity may decrease to 40 larger bottles. 

Wine coolers are designed in a way that you can manipulate to fit larger bottles:

When you buy a wine cooler, the distance between each shelving is large enough to hold Bordeaux bottles comfortably. But that does not mean that you can not store your champagne or large diameter bottles. 

Most manufacturers slide more shelves closer together to provide you with more space to store your wine bottles. These shelvings are also adjustable should you want to stack larger bottles. By simply removing a shelf or two, you create more room to fit your champagne bottles comfortably. 

Some wine coolers are created with a big distance between the racks, allowing you to fit large diameter bottles without as much as a scrape on the labels. But by doing so, the overall capacity of your cooler is dramatically reduced. Unlike in the first setting, the manufacturer here will need to install fewer shelves or rails to allow more room in the cooling zone. 

People looking to solely store champagne or larger bottles may find this type of wine coolers ideal. However, it's important to note that the capacity in these coolers is similar to what you'd create by simply removing some shelves in the first Bordeaux set-up. 

Hence, it's logical to buy the Bordeaux shelving cooler and create spacing for champagne bottles when need be.  It's also important that you know the sizes of wine coolers available for you in the market :


What Size Of Wine Cooler Is Best For Me?

Suppose you appreciate a good wine during dinner or love to experience the powerful effects of a classic vintage on its own. In that case, it makes perfect sense to acquire an appropriate wine fridge to preserve your fine selection. 

Luckily, there are numerous sizes of wine coolers available on the market today. Depending on some factors like budget, storage space, and the number of wine bottles you wish to store, you'll always find the perfect wine cooler to meet your needs. 

Consider the following choices:

  • Extra Large Coolers
  • True to their name, extra-large coolers have a massive storage capacity and can comfortably stack more than 300 wine bottles. Often, they are free-standing and created with adequate space for your entire wine collection. 

    Extra-large coolers with a capacity of up to 600 wine bottles will measure approximately 6.5 feet tall by 6 feet wide. If your wine collection can't fit in an extra-large wine cooler, you should consider building a wine cellar.

    Wine cellars perform with stronger vibration than a cooler. They also have powerful humidity control and are ideal for storing wine for much longer periods. 

  • Large Coolers
  • Large wine coolers mean that you need to dedicate a good amount of space to the unit. Most can hold anywhere between 200-300 wine bottles. With such a cooler, you can manipulate the shelving to create big enough space to fit your champagne bottles. Often, large coolers measure approximately 6.5 feet tall by 2.5+ feet wide. 

    Large wine coolers let you arrange your wine bottles in style, making it easy to peruse and select the perfect bottle for the occasion. However, large wine coolers are often free-standing as they would be challenging to fix in cabinets or wall spaces.

  • Medium Coolers
  • Medium wine coolers come in different sizes, but you can expect a 100 bottle capacity cooler to measure about 5 feet tall and 2 feet wide. Generally, the medium coolers resemble a small ordinary refrigerator. 

  • Small Coolers 
  • Perhaps your wine collection falls between 50-100 bottles? In that case, a small cooler is a perfect choice for you. You'll find small wine coolers with dual temperature zones, allowing you to store your reds and whites and set their ideal serving temperatures simultaneously. 

    Their relatively small size allows you to place them underneath countertops conveniently or mount them on any ideal surfaces. This way, you comfortably peruse and pick out your desired bottle without needing to bend a knee or go on your tippy-toes. 

    Note that if you collect large bottles and champagnes, their big size essentially reduces your small cooler's capacity.

  • Extra Small Coolers 
  • They are ideal for anywhere between 5-50 bottles. Extra small coolers are just as their name suggests, small enough to fit virtually anywhere for your convenience. They are aesthetically appealing with a timeless design to display your wine collection like a perfect work of art. Extra small coolers can be free-standing, built-in, or you can easily put them in the idle space under the counter. 


    The Bottom Line

    Generally, the size and number of wine bottles you store in your wine cooler will depend on the size of the unit. Large coolers allow you to adjust the shelving to fit bigger bottles while leaving more room for smaller bottles. Comparably, storing larger bottles in small wine coolers significantly reduces its storage capacity.